=== List of the KANJI character and the meanings of itself ===

KANJI one; a little; few; some.

KANJI day; date; the sun.

KANJI night; darkness.

KANJI moon; satellite; month.

KANJI shine; light (up); illuminate; compare; check; halation.


KANJI sad; sorrowful.

KANJI damage; bruise; wound; injury; hurt; flaw; crack; fault; a defect; stain; harm; sorrowful; brokenhearted.

KANJI =an alies for scaly thrush.
* Also metaphorically treated as a chimera in Japan, because of its uncanny cry.

KANJI bird; fowl; chicken.

KANJI cry; sound; noise; twitter; chirping; caw; mewing; mooing.

KANJI I; myself.

KANJI see; look; glance; gaze; observe; watch; inspect; read; look over; examine.


KANJI flower; bloom; blossom.
* Japanese people often compare the flower as one's life.

KANJI fall; scatter; disperse; break up; be gone; run; spread; distract; resolved.

KANJI comfort; solace; consolation.

KANJI mind; heart; spirit; feeling; intention; will.

KANJI vanish; go out; be deleted; be put out; disappear; pass away; fade away.

KANJI new; one more; fresh; recent; up-to-date.

KANJI the world; the earth; the universe; society; generation.


KANJI God; the Lord; the Almighty; the Deity; god; goddess; the deities.

KANJI gather; bring together; collect; draw; center; concentrate; swarm; line up; meet; assemble; group.

KANJI bright; light; cheerful; sunny; clean; be familiar (with); lamp; dawn; morning; next; open.

KANJI bloom; blossom; come out; improve; go well; succeed.

KANJI pray; grace; wish.

KANJI =almost same as KANJI

KANJI life; live; bio-; active; survive; invent; generate; make; pure; unmixed; raw; fresh; birth; born; grow; sprout; spring up.


KANJI I|my|me; self; ego.

KANJI body; oneself; circumstances; one's fortune; one's personal history; one's past.

KANJI dream; vision; illusion.

KANJI grudge.

KANJI grudge; bitter feeling; hatred; enmity; ill will.