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Let's sing the KUGUTSU-UTA !!

*Last Update* Apr 29, 2004

*Last Update* Sep 11, 2004

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 Do you expecting the movie INNOCENCE that is a sequel of GHOST IN THE SHELL? Then, have you ever heard the main-theme music of the movie that called KUGUTSU-UTA?

 The trilogy consists of 'Uramitechiru', 'Aratayonikamutsudoite' and 'Kagiroiwayominimatamuto'. Their lyrics by OST music composer Kenji Kawai himself, no one but a Japanese person today, are written in Japanese traditional or obsolete language.

 Though those are so difficult for us to read and understand easily - even Japanese ordinary people of today, the antipue words sound so strange, miraculous and wonderful. I have been merely kicked by trying to understand the archaic Japanese words used for this peculiar song, in the movie INNOCENCE, as compared with modern Japanese language, maybe far from the perfect...

 I hope enjoy it together with you in English area. After understanding the meaning, you will be able to sing the Japanese song with more joy than ever. :)

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Another Project 2501 // RAKURAKU-RAIRAI    Another Project 2501 // RAKURAKU-RAIRAI

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