About (SEKI)

Real Name:
**** (secret; 4 letters in KANJI)

over 20, under 100 :p

Place of Residence:
Hiroshima, JAPAN

Software Engineer and Programmer
Drive, Travel, Dance, Playing musical instruments & DTM, Sound edit, Drawing, Illustration, Writing, Game - DanceDanceRevolution and so on.

Sense of the KANJI charactor of :
1) A counter for comparatively big ships.
2) One of the pair. Or the word express the state one lacked | lost (of the pair).
3) A counter for fishes, birds, arrows etc. (archaic usage, hardly used today)

### NOTE ### I am neither a Japanese language specialist, nor eager investigator. There might be some mistake in my explanation about Japanese and/or English text. Please be lenient for the details. But, if you have something to tell me, you can leave your message on the guestbook.

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